Bluegrass Crime Stoppers

Police seek help in solving a cold case

It’s been nearly 11 years since the mysterious murder of a former University of Kentucky architecture professor, and police are still awaiting the break they need to crack the case.

Paul “Pete” Pinney Jr. was last seen alive about 5 p.m. on Nov. 2, 1997.

Police say that about 5:17 p.m. that day, someone attempted to withdraw several thousand dollars from Pinney’s account at a Central Bank ATM behind the Chevy Chase Plaza, where Pinney lived. They only got $500.

Then, about 12:39 a.m. on Nov. 3, police said, someone revisited that ATM and withdrew another $500 from Pinney’s account.
Police released a SuperAmerica store video yesterday of a man who charged $15 worth of gas to a credit card belonging Pinney a few hours before Pinney was found dead. The video was grainy, but clear enough to make out a white man, about 5-foot-10, with a receding hairline that is either thinning or graying on the sides.

Police charged Paul Lee Barnett, 48, with illegal use of a credit card for allegedly making two ATM withdrawals from Pinney’s account in the hours before the murder. Barnett was not the man in the video, police said.
More than a decade ago, police said, the motive for Pinney’s murder may have been money. Back then, detectives said they thought at least two people were responsible for dumping his body because Pinney was a large man.
About 10 minutes after the last ATM withdrawal, the suspect in the video bought gas with Pinney’s Ashland Inc. credit card at a SuperAmerica on Richmond Road. The credit card was in Pinney’s wallet when his body was discovered just after 7:30 a.m. on South Cleveland Road in rural Fayette County. Pinney also kept his ATM personal identification number in his wallet. Police said there were also about 10 unsuccessful attempts to use Pinney’s card.

Anyone with information may call Crime Stoppers at (859) 253-2020 or Lexington Police detectives at (859) 258-3700.

Wanted person of the week

James Demetrius Mullins, 29, of Lexington is wanted in the shooting of Dominic O. Faulkner on the afternoon of April 18. Faulkner was shot multiple times on Whitney Avenue.


Date of birth: 8/10/78
Height: 6’02″/ Weight: 270 lbs.



If you would like to support Crime Stoppers, call 859-253-2020 or Toll-Free at 1-877-970-2020 or visit

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2 Comments on “Bluegrass Crime Stoppers”

  1. truthman Says:

    This punk will eventually be caught. He will be turned in by his own family or friends when he overstays his welcome. Of course, our prosecutors will not go after those that have aided James Demetrius Mullins in avoiding capture.

  2. Ann Says:

    You did the crime, so do the time. Why run and hide? There is no man at all in you, all I see is a punk! I hope you get as much time as possible.

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