Three sentenced for robberies

LONDON – Three people charged in connection with a series of home-invasion robberies in Eastern Kentucky in 2006 have received lengthy prison sentences. James Bowling and Jeremy Brashear pleaded guilty to taking part in the robberies, and Diedre Clark admitted lying to buy an assault rifle for her husband, George Clark, and illegal gun possession. U.S. District Judge Danny Reeves sentenced Brashear to 192 months in prison and Bowling to 180 months Monday in U.S. District Court in London. Reeves sentenced Diedre Clark to 108 months. Rick Brashear, Jeremy’s uncle, pleaded guilty to helping in the robberies by pointing out people to rob. He is scheduled to be sentenced later this month. A federal jury convicted George Clark last week on more than 20 charges. He faces life in prison when he is sentenced Sept. 15. The robbers invaded homes in Perry, Leslie, Clay and Laurel counties, targeting people they thought were drug dealers. Some victims were, but others were not.

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One Comment on “Three sentenced for robberies”

  1. manontheinside Says:

    Too bad ole George can’t read this, he did not learn from the first time he was incarcerated, obviously not because Kentucky is a whimp a$$ prison system, also claims to be a former Army Ranger, I am glad the feds got him not the state he would have got 15 years and credit for this and that we would have been told to let him go in 15 weeks!

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