Dunbar football star charged with robbery

Jerrell Greene


Lexington police charged a Paul Laurence Dunbar High School star running back with first-degree robbery after he allegedly tried to steal cough medicine from the Kroger pharmacy on Alexandria Drive.

Jerrell Greene, who will be a senior in the fall, recently committed to play football for the University of Kentucky.

Greene, 18, tried to leave the store Tuesday with four packs of Coricidin, police said. The medication has hallucinogenic properties in high dosages.

In a fight between Greene and store employees, the store’s manager received cuts and scratches to his wrist, according to the citation. A loss prevention officer also received cuts and scrapes to her knees. Greene pleaded not guilty Wednesday.

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3 Comments on “Dunbar football star charged with robbery”

  1. truthman Says:

    What a surprise, a black male arrested for a felony.

    In the United States, 32% of all black males in their twenties are in jail or on probation or parole for one or more felony offenses.

    Thankfully, this thug is 18 and there will be no option but to trial him as an adult.

  2. truthman Says:

    Of course, this stupid kid had to resist detainment, elevating a minor misdemeanor to a violent felony.

  3. truthman Says:

    …and he’s going to be a 19 year old high school senior. Goodbye Division I, but you know that there will be dozen’s of NAIA schools after this guy. Most likely, a religious NAIA school – they do the best job at explaining to the public that they are going to give this good Christian a second chance.

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