’s newest blog has launched

I’m not exactly sure where it comes from, but, for many years “pounding the beat” has been synonymous to police patrols. You know, the beat cop that used to walk the streets – and he knew them front and back – to maintain order? Those guys used to know the folks in the neighborhood so well that it wasn’t hard for them to crack a case minutes after it happened.

But reporters also have beats. Every reporter has their own area of concentration. We have a Lexington police reporter, Shawntaye Hopkins, who frequents the cop-shop (police headquarters) and keeps the police scanner on her hip. And we have a courts reporter, Brandon Ortiz, who keeps his eyes on the gavels in state and federal court. Much like the beat cop, “pounding the beat” is key for any reporter. We have beats so we’re on top of the news that is important to our community.

So when we created this new blog we thought the name “On the Beat in the Bluegrass” was fitting.

The blog, which will be maintained by the Herald-Leader’s Criminal Justice team, will be the new home for all news with ties to our justice system. Our concentration is not just the police beat; rather the criminal justice system as a whole. We will cover police, courts and corrections throughout this state.

You can expect to read breaking news stories as they develop. If it’s a state or federal court case, we’re going to bring you the verdict as soon as we get it. If a judge makes a key ruling in a lawsuit, this will be the place to read about it. If police make an arrest or need help solving a case, our team will be your source of information. We’ll have an update each week from Bluegrass Crime Stoppers, and perhaps you can help investigators crack a case that has gone unsolved for days, months or even years.

For the most part, the news presented here will be local. However, there will be occasions when we might write about national trends.

In addition to the blog, we’re launching a searchable crime database that shows you what’s happening in the community. The database will allow you to search the most serious crimes reported to Lexington police, and the searches can be narrowed by the types of crimes or the neighborhood in which the crime took place.

Feel free to leave comments whenever you visit. And, if you have tips or story ideas, please send them our way.

Delano Massey

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