Man who sued the city jail dies and his suit is dismissed

A lawsuit alleging mistreatment at the hands of Fayette County Detention Center corrections officers has been dismissed because the man who says he was beaten at the jail has died.
Alfredo Garcia Hernandez sued the city and the jail in August 2007, alleging that in 2006 he was beaten by officers while he was handcuffed. Hernandez was one of several former jail inmates who have alleged that they were mistreated by officers there. The city has denied the allegations in court documents. Hernandez died in October 2007. His death was not connected to the alleged injuries he sustained at the jail, said Michael O’Hara, his lawyer. O’Hara said the case was dismissed last week after they failed to find a relative who could represent Hernandezs’ estate in court.

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One Comment on “Man who sued the city jail dies and his suit is dismissed”

  1. Lisa Johnson Says:

    People all over could care less about what goes on in front of them or behind their backs. Our community has become lazy and expects the city to do evrything for them. Streets, Parks, Sanitation, Mayors Office, Police ,Fire, Code Enforcement you think they should be at your call 24/7. I get out and clean graffiti I pick trash up help with Parks. I am part of our community if I see someone hurt I stop. Start asking our city employees what can we do to help make your job better? If their jobs get better from things they need then you would not be calling 24/7. Because our lives would be better. Help take our Community back.

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