7,021 tickets issued during seat-belt crackdown

Herald-Leader Staff Report

Police issued 7,021 citations to drivers across the Bluegrass State who failed to wear seat belts during the national “Click It or Ticket” campaign, Kentucky State Police announced Tuesday.

During the campaign from May 19 to June 1, 223 child-restraint tickets also were issued, state police said.

State police Capt. Tim Lucas, commander of the Highway Safety Branch, said that according to the National Traffic Safety Administration, regular seat-belt use is the most effective way for people to protect themselves in crashes.

“Kentucky has a seat-belt usage rate of 72 percent, and even though we have improved from past years, it is still disturbing that some individuals refuse to buckle up. The citation numbers bear this out,” Lucas said in a news release.

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2 Comments on “7,021 tickets issued during seat-belt crackdown”

  1. truthman Says:

    Everyone should wear a seat belt. However, the idea that we have allowed our government to control our lives to this level is absurd. By the same reasoning that our fascist state government requires seat belt usage, it could ban motorcycle usage entirely.

  2. Im Not Tiger Says:

    The state got $200K to foot the bill for this imposition on our driving rights. The last day of the “spiff” was Saturday, May 31st. The night of the 31st in Lexington looked like a police parade on New Circle Road. I saw 5 cops with people pulled over in a 20 minute span.

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