Attorney: Defendant in murder-for-hire case dead

By Brandon Ortiz

A Lexington strip club bouncer who was to go on trial Monday in connection with an alleged murder-for-hire plot has died, his attorney said in court documents filed Tuesday.

Defense attorney Jim Lowry told prosecutors that Tristan LobensommerCQ Tristan K. Lobensommer, 31, is believed to have killed himself while out of state, First Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Lou Anna Red Corn said.

Circuit Judge Kimberly Bunnell has asked Lowry, who has been in contract with Lobensommer’s family, to obtain documentation that he died, Commonwealth’s Attorney Ray Larson said. Prosecutors are awaiting official confirmation before dismissing charges, he said.

Larson declined to say when or where Lobensommer is said to have died.

A hearing has been scheduled for 2 p.m. Thursday in Fayette Circuit Court.

Lowry is out of his office until Thursday and is unavailable for comment, a women in his office said.

Lobensommer, – who worked at Camelot East, a Richmond Road strip club – is accused of paying an undercover police officer $5,000 to kill his girlfriend’s ex-husband.

The victim, Filip Ivan TrpkovskiCQ Filip Ivan Trpkovski, 37, was married to Colleen E. Trpkovski, 29, in 1998. Relatives have said the marriage was laden with verbal and physical abuse and after their divorce, Lobensommer, began dating Colleen Trpkovski and became a friend to her two children.

Lobensommer is charged with criminal conspiracy and was out of jail on bond.

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