3 counties see rash of catalytic converter thefts

By Shawntaye Hopkins

Kentucky State Police are investigating a series of catalytic converter thefts in Pendleton, Bracken and Robertson counties.

Thieves are using pipe cutters to cut off each end and steal converters from cars parked on streets and driveways and in parking lots, state police said Friday. Most of the thefts have occurred during the evening and at night.

State Trooper Rick Saint-Blancard said between four and seven catalytic converters have been stolen in the three counties in the last three to four weeks. Similarities in the thefts show they are likely connected.

“They get comfortable,” Saint-Blancard said. “They get away with it once, then they continue the process.”

Catalytic converter thefts are not unusual, he said, but state police are concerned about the recent increase.

Most of the converters have been taken from Toyota and Dodge pickup trucks.

The converters are then sold at recycling businesses and junkyards.

Saint-Blancard said these businesses have been reporting such transactions to law enforcement.

No arrests have been made.

State police said anyone with information about the thefts should call (859) 428-1212.

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One Comment on “3 counties see rash of catalytic converter thefts”

  1. Alenia Says:

    Thanks for letting the thieves know that the recycling plants are complying with the police. No one will ever know because the thieves probably can’t read anyway.

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