“We were going to stay together until we got old”

By Shawntaye Hopkins

A Lexington woman says the man who was struck by a train Thursday along Old Paris Road was her boyfriend of more than 20 years.

Wendy Muchow says her boyfriend, Stephen C. Mazyck, 53, left her home on Rogers Road late Wednesday to get beer with a friend and never returned.

The Fayette County Coroner’s Office has not released the man’s name or cause of death.

Lexington police found the body of an adult male who had been struck by an R.J. Corman train near the 2300 block of Paris Pike about 11:10 a.m. Thursday. The engineer told police that he thinks the man was already dead before the train struck him.

The body was found in an area where police say homeless people tend to camp.

Two men — Steven D. Dykes, 44, and Charles M. Atkins, 49 — have been charged in the case with first-degree manslaughter and tampering with physical evidence, according to court records.

Dykes and Atkins assaulted the victim then moved his body to the railroad tracks, according to uniform citations filed in Fayette District Court.

”I loved him so much, and we were going to stay together until we got old,“ Wendy Muchow said of Mazyck, who was nicknamed ”Zeke.“

Muchow met Mazyck at a friend’s house decades ago, she said. They dated for awhile, then he moved in with her. That was about 23 years ago.

Mazyck had few blood relatives in Lexington, and he made money doing odd jobs for friends when he could, Muchow said.

She said Mazyck became religious, and tried to be a better person after completing the Hope Recovery Program in November 2007. Mazyck was required to complete the program after he was placed on probation for second-degree assault.

Atkins and Dykes do not have permanent addresses listed in court records. Each of them have dozens of public intoxication charges within the last five years, most of which they’ve pleaded guilty to and served time in jail or paid fines.

Dykes was charged with third-degree assault of a corrections officer and terroristic threatening in October. He spit on and threatened a corrections officer who was taking him to a housing unit after he’d been charged with alcohol intoxication and disorderly conduct, according to court documents.

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4 Comments on ““We were going to stay together until we got old””

  1. r. foxxx Says:

    This is awful, it seems that this man was trying to change his life. No matter who you are though, no matter what a person does or has done in the past, we are god children and NO ONE deserves to lose their life. No family, how big or small, should have to deal with this type of lose.

    Rest in Peace!!!

  2. pepper Says:

    I knew Zeke and Windy, just good people, Zeke you will be missed and may GOD hold you in the palm of his hand Wendy, what is the world coming too, that we have to be killing each other off. I’ll pray for the men that did this to ZEKE,

  3. Bruce Says:

    I knew Steven as a childhood friend and neighbor. I only saw him once after childhood in Chevy Chase due to moving away. I believe he was adopted. His adopted father was named “Zeke” and his adopted mother “June”, was a nurse, both are deceased, he has one brother who survives. Notice of this report was sent to me by a friend who had somehow known my connection to Steven as a child. Thx.

  4. lonnie Says:

    Zeke say hello to heaven for me, you will be missed my friend. The fish family

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