Inmate calls for no more delays in execution

The Associated Press

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A Kentucky death row inmate who asked to be executed for killing two children has called for an end to delays in his case and for the state to put him to death.

Marco Allen Chapman told The Associated Press in a phone interview on Friday that he doesn’t understand why his case is dragging out.

The Kentucky Supreme Court on Thursday declined to rehear his case, but Chapman’s court-appointed attorneys have 10 days to ask the justices to reconsider. Then the attorney general has 10 more days to respond. Chapman said the delays merely “drag out the misery” for himself and the family of his victims.

Chapman pleaded guilty in 2004 to killing 7-year-old Chelbi Sharon and 6-year-old Cody Sharon, and attacking their mother, Carolyn Marksberry, and their older sister, Courtney Sharon, in the small town of Warsaw in northern Kentucky.

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3 Comments on “Inmate calls for no more delays in execution”

  1. Steve Says:

    See, this is why I say that lawyers are responsible for everything that is wrong in our society. An admitted child-killer says he wants to die for what he’s done, and is ok with it and doesn’t want appeals and such, yet his court-appointed attorneys won’t stop filing appeals to keep both the family and the inmate miserable for years to come. There has to be a point where we the people say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with lawyers and their silliness and their destroying our justice system by dragging things out so that they can make more money. Let the man die, let the parents have some peace, and let these worthless lawyers crawl under a rock in shame of what they do for a living.

  2. David Says:

    AMEM!!!!!!!!!!! Steve , I can’t have said it better myself.

  3. wayne Says:

    we have too many lawyers in this country anyway.i think i read somewhere there is 1 lawyer for every man,woman,child in this country.
    let the man died the way he wants ,now!
    if he wants to make some real money defend the border guards of this country!!

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