Charges against Otis Hensley dropped

By Cassondra Kirby-Mullins

HARLAN — Felony charges have been dismissed against Otis “Bullman” Hensley Jr., a two-time candidate for governor who was arrested a week ago after he offered to trade “a good fattening hog” for two female children in a supermarket.

Otis "Bullman" Hensley Jr.

Otis "Bullman" Hensley Jr.

Hensley said he was only joking when he made the statement to the aunt of a 13-year-old girl and her 11-year-old sister. He said is it was meant as a compliment.

However, the father of the girls, who said he did not know Hensley and was concerned about the statements, contacted the county attorney’s office. Hensley, 52, was arrested about 6 p.m. on Aug. 18 and charged with first-degree unlawful transaction with a minor under the age of 16.

During a hearing Monday, the father of the two children agreed to dismiss the charges on the condition that Hensley apologize for his words.

“I was just protecting my kids,” the father said today in court. “I think everyone would have done the same thing. My kids are my life.”

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3 Comments on “Charges against Otis Hensley dropped”

  1. General Ballas Says:

    Good grief, cut the man some slack. Is it not obvious from the previous H-L article that Otis was just making conversation and being friendly? Talk about an overreaction by both the prosecutor’s office and the father of the kids. Maybe we should all just wear duct tape over our mouths everytime we go out in public so as to not offend anyone who might hyperventilate and sue each of us on a whim.

  2. Lexington Emp Says:

    Whatever, people today are soo scared to say ANYTHING, it’s f’n stupid. Those cops that called each other retarded and gay are now forever branded as biased. This world is too sensitive. I’m sick of this place, especially this state.

  3. Shawn Says:

    I think that the County Attorney should be investigated for allowing such charges to be filed. Is it me or is Kentucky the only state that allows such BS charges to be filed. Unauthorized transaction with a minor? He spoke to the aunt not the children. County Attorney;s offices should be help to higher standards. Charges would never have been filed against this guy if this had taken place in a larger county or city such as Lexington.

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